My name is Lukas Schöfmann, I am 33 years old and live in Lower Austria.
I finished my apprenticeship as an electrician at ÖBB (Austrian Railway) in 2009 and worked at ÖBB IT Support afterwards.

My passion for games started around 2012,2013 with Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ Mod & Arma 3. There I had invested a lot of work and time for the creation and administration of game servers.

From 2015 I started to implement cars in Arma 3 which you can get for free at 3d websites.
In 2017-2019 I created and released a carpack for Arma 3 with the cars from Arma 2 that are available for free modding at Bohemia Interactive.

After that I wanted to gain experience in environment design and worked on the Terrain Lokino for a year and a half for Arma 3 which is 90% finished.

The mod Cabinboat and „Cybertruck & Quad“ were just fun projects when I had too much time.

2020-2021 I tried to implement a bear in arma. Arma community started spreading that I stole the bear from dayz. They have also tried to bypass my built-in copy protection, so i decided to remove the project from the Workshop.

Arma 3 Bear

I am also very interested in film and CGI and follow 3d artists like pwnisher on Youtube where I participated in a challenge as far as I could organize it.

Here I wanted to extend my skills in Blender:

Now I am looking for a new challenge and would like to apply with my game prototype Arachnida at Epic MegaGrants: Arachnida